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  • MD098: Highlighting the need for Contingent Enterprise Zones

    In this episode, we are going to talk about enterprise zones and how they can be used to help lesser industrialized communities with contingent professionals. Regulations alone will not solve this problem. However, Contingent Enterprise Zones just might. This is an all hands-on deck moment in American history. Workforce50/50 is coming. It’s coming for us […]

  • MD097: Workforce50/50 is coming for “State of Black America”

    The National Urban League should be commended for their recent report that describes the  “State of Black America.” And if this were any other year that would be subject of this episode. The challenge is that Workforce50/50 is coming for us all. The real issue for 2018 and 2020 is not that so few black […]

  • MD096: A Very Plexing Situation for Makerspace Development

    The hype surrounding Virtual Reality is dissipating. In fact, the only recent ray of hope for VR has been the announcement that Plex now supports Gear VR. Plex is a media serving application that allows consumers to create a fairly sophisticated entertainment experience at a minimum cost. And Gear VR is my personal platform of […]

  • MD095: Centering Creative Enterprise Zones around Makerspaces

    In this episode, let’s talk about how Creative Enterprise Zones in London could lead to a 21st Century land rush here in the United States. You could easily make the case that workforce-scale makerspace development should be doing the same thing as Creative Enterprise Zones. Most Economic Developers will find it difficult to make the […]

  • MD094: How work on Makerspace Peering led to MongoDB

    In this episode, we talk about the excitement of applying new technologies to makerspace development. You can see this process in motion on the Makerspace Development Pinterest Page. If you happen to be on Pinterest, checkout the Creative Equipment board. Workforce50/50 is coming. And as it gets closer, the potential increases that some natural disaster […]