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  • Makerspace Development 06/01/15

    Welcome to the first podcast of the summer. The purpose of this podcast series is to lay the ground work for this fall’s business development season. We will explore why makerspace development is the best way to help lesser industrialized communities survive. If this interests you? Stay tuned for future episodes on how to empower […]

  • [Invitation] How to frame Makerspace Development is tomorrow at 1:00 EDT

    Hope, you had a drama-free weekend. You’re invited to a short half hour event at 1:00 PM EDT (Noon CDT, 10:00 AM PDT). It will cover some of the ways that community leaders can use makerspace development to help lesser industrialized communities. You can register by following the link below: Thanks, Zachary Alexander PS: […]

  • Use big bank forex fines for Makerspace Development?

    If five of the world’s largest banks are required to pay $6 billion in fines, why not use the money for makerspace development? The big banks were caught manipulating the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market. The next question is how should the money be used given the fact that some the accusations were money laundering. […]

  • Why Industry Clusters take So Long to Develop

    The dirty little secret about industry clusters is that they take twenty years to development. The reason is that both industry clusters and business ecosystems are relationship driven not data driven. They both require a certain amount of trust. There are some in the business community who want to imply that data analysis is the […]

  • Stock Buy-Back fees for Makerspace Development

    A lot of very serious people are becoming very concerned about the rate in which public companies are engaged in stock buy-backs. They are concerned that executives are using stock buy-backs to enrich themselves and weaken their companies in the long-run. The scheme goes like this: Executives issue themselves a huge number of shares or […]