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  • Opening Fabrication Industries to more Women

    Everyone agrees that the fabrication industries like metal working would be better off if more women participated. However, very few so-called gurus would ever venture a suggestion other than stressing STEM  education in school. If you are interested in seeing inclusion at all levels, you may want to take a look at what the Bodgery […]

  • Reducing the High Cost of Starting a Business

    A lot very serious people worry about the fact that fewer and fewer businesses are started every year. Most talk about the need to reduce the impact of regulations that govern startups. On the other hand, community leaders may want to consider a solution that is a whole lot simpler than dealing with the politics […]

  • Addressing the issue of Wage Stagnation

    There are a lot of very serious people who are saying that the 2016 election will be about the lack of wage growth over the last 2o to 30 years. Some will propose raising corporate taxes or adding a fee to the repatriation of funds. However, you should consider the benefits of using makerspace development […]

  • Ensuring Makerspace Development is Pro-Growth

    There are a lot of very serious people who are confused by the term pro-growth as it relates to makerspace development. They fall back on late-19th and 20th century concepts of growth as a measure of factory size. When it comes to makerspace development, pro-growth has absolutely nothing to do with tearing out walls or […]

  • Preparing for the Summer Hiatus

    About this time every year, most Americans start to think about summer vacations. Unfortunately post-Globalism, fewer and fewer Americans can actually afford to take vacations. The rest are stuck dealing with the summer hiatus. On the other hand, you can use this period as prime time for makerspace development. In case you are a digital […]