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  • Should Capital follow Makerspace Development?

    If not today then within the next couple of years a lot of very serious are going to be asking the question. Should “capital” follow makerspace development? Last week, the Brookings Institute started the conversation when they published a short article on their blog called, “Early-stage venture capital: More regions get in on the action.” […]

  • What is alternative to Throwaway Culture?

    Time magazine reported last weekend that Pope Francis decried the dangers of a “throwaway culture.” As a reader of this blog, you probably agree that in Post-Globalism America far too many people are at risk of being thrown away. On the other hand, suggesting that America should turn widely to the use of co-operatives as […]

  • Makerspace Development is an Inclusive Tool

    Patricia Arquette started the week by using her Oscar speech to talk about how America needs women to receive equal pay for equal work. Similarly, Tracey Lien at the LA Times talked about how women are leaving the tech industry in droves. Both of these events hint at the state of gender equality in America. […]

  • Let’s hear it for Fashion Doers

    According Nicole Giordano, Founder and CEO of Startup FASHION, you don’t need a million dollars to grow a successful fashion business. To paraphrase her, all you need do is be a doer. As a reader of this blog, you probably agree with this statement whole heatedly or you wouldn’t be reading it or listening to […]

  • Why bet the future on Makerspace Development?

    There is absolutely no consensus in the press about where the future growth in the United States Economy will come from. There are some who still believe that America’s future is tied to the stock market. These people ignore the fact that large corporations have been laying off employees since the 1970’s. They don’t see […]