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  • Picking up the Pace on Makerspace Development

    In many ways, the fundamentals of Post-Globalism America are very different than they were prior to the Great Recession. Before the Great Recession, too many Americans lived off the equity in their homes. Now, they must make their way using the strength of their creative drive. For the first in a long time, Americans will […]

  • Contemplating the American Presidency

    On this Presidents Day, it seems appropriate to contemplate the state of the American Presidency Post-Globalism. Normally, you can expect to see information that is narrowly focused on the process of makerspace development. However, as you spend time with your family on this Presidents Day, it seems appropriate to talk about what you and your […]

  • How Economic Development Breaks Calculators

    Recently, it was announced that an automaker was offered 23 million dollars to move its headquarters to a Southern State in hopes of spurring job growth. According to news accounts, this mini growth spurt is expected to produce 2100 jobs. So by my estimates that’s 23 million paid for 2100 new jobs. That can break […]

  • Makerspace Development 02/11/2014

    Welcome to the first episode of the Makerspace Development Podcast of 2015. We’re planning a big year starting with a SNICE webinar Segment in March. Thank you for listening.

  • Makerspace Development versus Shareholder Activism

    According to Wikipedia, the invisible hand is a metaphor used by Adam Smith to describe the unintended social benefits resulting from individual actions. Today that invisible hand is controlled by the self-interests of shareholder activists. These corporate raiders care very little about lesser industrialized communities in America. As you can imagine, the only counter weight […]