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  • SNICE Tech Upgrade

    This summer, members of the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment (SNICE) were asked about makerspace development in their community. You can think of makerspace development as a community led effort to empower a larger creative class. In general, makerspace development is focused on establishing high-tech machine shops that are open to owner/operators throughout the […]

  • Making a Long-Term commitment to Vets

    To Service Members, On behalf of the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment (SNICE), thank you for your service. Like all Americans on Veterans Day, we acknowledge the sacrifices you and yours have made to keep this country safe. We also bow our heads in remembrance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. And […]

  • Planning for 3D Metal Printing on Desktop

    The Holy Grail of 3D printing has always been the ability to fabricate 3D objects in metal. Plastics are nice. However, consumers still prefer that some objects are fabricated in metal. Until now, 3D printing in metal  has only been available to those who are capable of paying $100 plus price tag. In all likelihood, you […]

  • Living off Past Trade Liberalization

    The biggest driver of makerspace development is without a doubt the lack of job creation after the Great Recession. You can’t turn on cable news without hearing about how the number of “good” jobs are not up to par or that economic participation is down. However, makerspace developers should consider recent comments of WTO Director-General […]

  • 3 Ways Makerspace Development Helps Vets

    Makerspace Developers must make the case that this country needs to invest in makerspace development. That Americans should place their faith in new institutions as the old ones crumble around them. Also, makerspace developers must make the case that returning service members along with military families would be better off if they had ready access […]