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  • Why Makerspaces aren’t Incubators.

    The most common response to the question, do you know the nearest makerspace is a descriptions of the benefits that the local business incubator provides. The challenge for those who want to get involved in makerspace development is explaining that makerspaces really aren’t business incubators. They also aren’t co-location facilities nor are they business accelerators. […]

  • Rationale for a Common Makerspace Dev Language

    Describing what success looks like is one the most difficult tasks that has be undertaken at the beginning of every project/program. This task is doubly difficult for those who are under taking makerspace development for the first time. There are no historical trends that you can lash on to as you define the foundation of […]

  • Finding an American Solution to Deflation

    According to a lot of very serious people, the biggest challenge facing America is deflation. It’s not the number of jobs that are created every month or the number of people who apply for unemployment. The reason is that deflation can undermine the entire United States Economy just like it did in 1935 by reducing […]

  • New Options needed for Returning Veterans

    Last week’s jobs numbers told the story of an American economy on the mend. It told of fewer people applying for unemployment. It even suggested that real wages in this country might be on the verge of rising. What it didn’t say is that most returning veterans tend to leave the military and go to […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving Makerspace Developers!!!

    Here’s wishing you and yours a drama-free Thanksgiving. Makerspace Development is an intensively creative process. Hopefully, you can find a little downtime this week to spend with your family and friends. There are no short cuts to ending America’s long decline. This battle to empower a larger creative class is going to require a long […]