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  • MD083: Nurturing a Workforce Scale Mindset

    In today’s podcast, we talk about the importance scale when it comes to makerspace development. We talk about the history of Internet Scale Solutions and the need for a Workforce Scale Mindset in the future. It’s hard to anticipate the adoption rate for augmented reality. For the MakerspaceDev Group, the time is now to embrace […]

  • MD082: Happy New Year, Welcome to the Platform Economy

    Hopefully, you had a drama-free holiday. Now, it’s 2018 and we have got to get started if we really want to keep up. This episode will give you a brief recap of 2017 at It will also lay out the rationale for both Augmented Makerspace Development and the Platform Economy. The hard truth is […]

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  • Thank You for Your Service

    To All Americans, Every year, we Americans send our thoughts and prayers out to those veterans who have sacrificed so much to keep this country safe. Unfortunately, there are for too many active duty service members who are struggling to make ends meet. The fact that there is even one homeless veteran is one many. […]

  • MD081: Why America needs Low-Res Makerspace Development?

    You may want to consider the continuum between low-res makerspaces and high-res makerspaces when you build a case for augmented makerspace development. You can think of low-resolution or low-res makerspaces as places like Starbucks and/or Panera Bread. A place where you can grab a seat and implement your next strategic move. Large transnational corporations will […]