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  • MD072: Addressing Black Elephants with Makerspace Development

    As you read about Black Elephants in Thomas Friedman’s new book, called “Thank you for being late,” you might be reminded of Martin Ford’s book, called “Rise of the Robots.” According to Mr. Friedman, Black Elephants are “a cross between a ‘black swan’ and ‘the elephant in the room’. Everyone knows that America needs more […]

  • MD071: Combating the Great Acceleration

    Thomas Friedman’s new book, called “Thank you for being late,” warns us about the latest crisis facing Americans called the Great Acceleration. The Great Acceleration is about massive techno economic change and the belief that the rate of change is increasing exponentially. Now this won’t surprise anyone who was around the tech industry during the […]

  • MD070: Honors Women Veterans

    Women veterans have a much higher rate of unemployment after military service. We suggest that Congress reduce the level of noise coming out of Washington during Women’s History Month and address these issues. As the common internet meme suggests, she persisted and won her rights. Now we need to all persist in developing makerspaces so […]

  • MD069: Improving Makerspace Development Can’t Wait

    The biggest challenge you will find when talking with a lot of community leaders is why they are content to wait for others to bring makerspace development to their community. Why won’t these community leaders fully engage in makerspace development. Communities around the country need the “work-structures” that makerspaces provide. You could make the case […]

  • MD068: Makerspace Development can provide new “work-structures” for Vets

    A lot of very serious people talk endlessly about the benefits of infrastructure projects and the jobs they create. However, what a returning veteran needs is a better “work-structure” so that they can transition from military service to the rest of their civilian lives. Last month, we talked about the need to make work a […]