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  • MD052: Why Makerspace Development needs an Origin Story

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThe most frequently asked question that we receive from listeners to this podcast is, “How can we build a community for our makerspace.” One of the things you should consider is pulling together an Origin Story. Origin Stories are generally thought of as the narrative that describes how the […]

  • Makerspace Development counters investor surge in robots

    As a makerspace developer, you know that most discussions with stakeholders about automation risk are met with a healthy sense of disbelief. You can almost hear them saying that this is just another fad like virtual reality. Unfortunately for working class Americans, investors are starting to surge into robotic stocks. In response, you could also […]

  • MD051: Don’t Park Vets in Empty Jobs

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadIf you listen to pundits , you’d would think that employers are doing returning veterans a favor by giving them jobs, any job. Empty jobs not only the ones that lead nowhere. They are the ones that are most at risk of going away because of an economic downturn […]

  • MD050: Makerspace Development in Mix Use Settings

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadGenerally, people who are new to makerspace development tend to think of makerspaces a standalone facility. Seldom do you ever hear the mainstream media talk about makerspace development as a part of a larger growth initiative. Makerspace developers who don’t want to see their hard work go to waste […]

  • MD049: What will makerspace development do for GDP?

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadIt’s only natural to ask how best to measure the impact of makerspace development on the region. The traditional answer to the question how do you determine the impact of makerspace development would be to look at the changes to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, GDP doesn’t measure the […]