3 Ways Makerspace Development Helps Vets

Makerspace Developers must make the case that this country needs to invest in makerspace development. That Americans should place their faith in new institutions as the old ones crumble around them. Also, makerspace developers must make the case that returning service members along with military families would be better off if they had ready access to up to date makerspaces at installations around the world.

It only makes sense that returning veterans would question the value of makerspace development given the problems many have seen and most have heard of with VA Hospitals. Also, you can’t watch cable news for very long without hearing someone talking about how bad the United States Economy is. It doesn’t matter that the jobless rate is down and the stock market is up compared to the start of the Great Recession.

Here are three ways that might help makerspace developers make the case. The first is that makerspace development provides entry into the creative class. According to the Economist magazine, forty-seven percent of American jobs are at risk of going away because of techno-economic change. This means that the middle class lifestyle is unsustainable as it is thought of by most Americans. So, veterans and their spouses must use every option they can including makerspaces to enter the creative class.

The second is that makerspace development can supply an outlet for the creative energies of military spouses and potentially additional income for military families. The most unfortunate consequence of military service is the toll it takes on the spouses of military service members. Service members can be reassigned at any time due to the needs of the military and this might leave their spouses with no career options.

Makerspaces may be the only way to protect the economic futures of service members and their families. Overseas spouses must compete with local nationals for jobs on military installations. At home, they must compete with people who don’t have the risk of relocation always hanging over their heads. Makerspace development at each every military installation would mean that the spouse’s opportunity would travel with them in the form of their creativity.

Third, makerspace development can potentially satisfy an immediate need for a creature comfort. Most families accumulate furniture and other creature comforts like clothing and jewelry over a lifetime. However, there are times when a specific piece of furniture or article of clothing is needed immediately. Makerspaces can be used to produce many of these items in near real-time. These short-term projects could turn into family businesses.

Zachary Alexander