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  • MD:100 Taking Stock of Where We Are with Makerspace Development

    Welcome to the 100th episode of the Makerspace Development podcast. I’d like to thank you, the listener, for supporting us over the years. We started this podcast conversation talking about empowering a larger American creative class. Now we are talking about contingent professionals. This episode takes us to a new stage in our podcast conversation.  […]

  • MD099: From AJC to Augmented Makerspace Services

    In this episode, we’ll be talking about American Job Centers or AJC’s. The reason is because the WIOA could provide future funding opportunities for struggling makerspaces. And the website announced an event called the “Future of American Job Centers.” Tech workers understand that waves have both peaks and valleys. They learn to read the […]

  • MD098: Highlighting the need for Contingent Enterprise Zones

    In this episode, we are going to talk about enterprise zones and how they can be used to help lesser industrialized communities with contingent professionals. Regulations alone will not solve this problem. However, Contingent Enterprise Zones just might. This is an all hands-on deck moment in American history. Workforce50/50 is coming. It’s coming for us […]

  • MD097: Workforce50/50 is coming for “State of Black America”

    The National Urban League should be commended for their recent report that describes the  “State of Black America.” And if this were any other year that would be subject of this episode. The challenge is that Workforce50/50 is coming for us all. The real issue for 2018 and 2020 is not that so few black […]

  • MD096: A Very Plexing Situation for Makerspace Development

    The hype surrounding Virtual Reality is dissipating. In fact, the only recent ray of hope for VR has been the announcement that Plex now supports Gear VR. Plex is a media serving application that allows consumers to create a fairly sophisticated entertainment experience at a minimum cost. And Gear VR is my personal platform of […]