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  • Makerspace Development 02/11/2014

    Welcome to the first episode of the Makerspace Development Podcast of 2015. We’re planning a big year starting with a SNICE webinar Segment in March. Thank you for listening.

  • Makerspace Development versus Shareholder Activism

    According to Wikipedia, the invisible hand is a metaphor used by Adam Smith to describe the unintended social benefits resulting from individual actions. Today that invisible hand is controlled by the self-interests of shareholder activists. These corporate raiders care very little about lesser industrialized communities in America. As you can imagine, the only counter weight […]

  • Should you keep your eye on Foreign Startups?

    For years the international business press has been reporting about the dominance of the Chinese business acumen. It hasn’t really mattered all that much which side of the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans the media companies were headquartered. Yesterday may have marked a significant change in this commentary. Americans now need to worry about the emerging […]

  • How do you know makerspace development helps?

    Someone will ask you, “How do you know makerspace development helps?” It may come as a legitimate question from very serious people who truly care about the answer. Eventually, it will be asked by confounders who want to derail makerspace development efforts in hopes of delaying the entry of a significant number of your neighbors […]

  • Vets need Makerspace Development

    Lost in all the celebration for finally getting something done on the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Bill will be any discussion about the long-term economic wellbeing of veterans. There is no lobbying being done for a strategy to help returning service members survive the hazards of Post-Globalism America. Lawmakers seem content to go forward with […]