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  • 3 Ways Makerspace Development Helps Vets

    Makerspace Developers must make the case that this country needs to invest in makerspace development. That Americans should place their faith in new institutions as the old ones crumble around them. Also, makerspace developers must make the case that returning service members along with military families would be better off if they had ready access […]

  • Makerspace Development 09/29/2014

    Welcome to the first episode of Makerspace Development. Your open invitation to join the conversation about how best to empower a larger American creative class.

  • Makerspace Development only counter to Robot Threat

    There is a growing fear among working class Americans that they will soon lose their jobs to robots. A lot of very serious people have issued this threat as a way stopping of calls for a higher minimum wage. On the other hand, regardless of how the minimum wage debates go real American jobs may […]

  • Beware of Calls to Reinvent the Wheel

    The 3D printing market is going through its novelty phase. So, a lot of very important people will task creatives to work on really trivial projects. For the record, it happens with all techno-economic change. You could even say that it’s a part of the creative destruction process. On the other hand, makerspace developers should […]

  • Does Ohio need more Makerspace Development?

    Last week, the Cincinnati Business Courier published a story about how GE Aviation is adding 50 new jobs to its Additive Development Center. This job creation is the result of an award by the Ohio Third Frontier Commission. However, makerspace developers should be asking if the money would have been better spent on makerspace development […]