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  • MD090: Why Vets are Ideal Subjects for Workforce50/50

    The hard truth is that the military is not a lifetime gig. Eventually, everyone has to move on. This means that there will be a continuous stream of individuals who will have to learn how to survive in the Gig Economy. When you look at veterans, you will see people who face all the challenges […]

  • MD089: Vets also need Workforce50/50

    Last year, we spent a lot of time talking about the services that veterans need to survive in the Gig Economy. The hard truth is that  we found that most US towns and cities were ill prepared to help veterans compete in the Gig Economy. Contingent workforce solutions are fungible. What’s good for veterans is […]

  • MD088 Pythons, Pandas and Workforce50/50

    For the record, using makerspaces to help workers survive in the Gig Economy is no slam dunk. You can’t just open up the doors to the makerspace and say, “Have at it.” Being successful in the Gig Economy often means putting together a portfolio of work experiences that can be used to secure future gigs. […]

  • MD087: Looking forward to adding Unity3d ML-Agents

    Not many people will argue with talk about improving the makerspace experience. Where we could go off the rails is when we add machine learning to our discussion, which is a form of automation. This is understandable because in the past automation has meant the lessening of the member experience. The challenge is how do […]

  • MD086: Why Consider ARCore for Makerspace Development?

    In this episode, we will talk about choosing an Augmented Reality (AR) Framework. We will discuss why Google’s ARCore should be considered. Second, we will talk about why innovation decisions are made in round about ways that include looking at Virtual Reality (VR) support for AR guidance. Zachary Alexander PS: We just launched MakerspaceDev Group […]