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  • Another knock on Silicon Valley

    After Labor Day, the ebTDesign Press published MAKERSPACE DEVELOPMENT: Surviving the Next Wave. This short guide is marketed with the caption that America doesn’t need another Silicon Valley. Most Americans believe that too much money has been invested in cloud-based services and not enough in makerspace development. Now, they must consider the furor over security […]

  • Awaiting the Call to Arms

    Tonight, President Barrack Obama will speak to the American people about his strategy for addressing the threat posed by ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Hopefully, President Obama will also make the case for providing additional help for military communities. Even if he doesn’t, this should be a call to arms for makerspace […]

  • What to expect from Makerspace Development

    Like a lot of new projects, nothing is set in stone. Each new discovery or service has the potential to change the course of Makerspace Development (i.e. the blog). These new discoveries and/or services can lead to massive techno economic changes. It is because of the growing need to respond in near real-time that nothing […]

  • Welcome to Makerspace Development

    America doesn’t need another Silicon Valley. It needs to empower a larger creative class. This blog is a place where that conversation can start. In the coming months/years, you will find the latest on all things makerspace development (i.e., news on 3D printers, thought provoking blog segments, and podcasts). If you want to get a […]