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  • MD085: Putting the AR into Makerspace Development

    In this podcast, we will talk about augmented makerspace development based on software platforms. This discussion will outline two paths. One that is web-based augmented makerspace development while the other game engine based makerspace development. Finally, we’ll discuss how augmented makerspace development benefits everyone from software developers to economic developers. Zachary Alexander PS: We just […]

  • MD084 Makerspace Development as a Platform for Leadership Training

    In this episode, we will talk about workforce scale as it relates to economic leadership. Workforce Scale is the ability of a platform to support the entire workforce of a community should major fulltime employment avenues go away. In the near-term, augmented makerspace developers will be well situated to undertake the tasks of economic development […]

  • MD083: Nurturing a Workforce Scale Mindset

    In today’s podcast, we talk about the importance scale when it comes to makerspace development. We talk about the history of Internet Scale Solutions and the need for a Workforce Scale Mindset in the future. It’s hard to anticipate the adoption rate for augmented reality. For the MakerspaceDev Group, the time is now to embrace […]

  • MD082: Happy New Year, Welcome to the Platform Economy

    Hopefully, you had a drama-free holiday. Now, it’s 2018 and we have got to get started if we really want to keep up. This episode will give you a brief recap of 2017 at It will also lay out the rationale for both Augmented Makerspace Development and the Platform Economy. The hard truth is […]

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