Makerspace Development 06/02/15


Today’s question is how do we make the most of the makerspace development process? The answer starts with understanding that makerspace development is not about just technology. However, there are lessons that can be learned from technology. Technologies come and go. Moore’s law remains unchanged. Moore’s law is taking hold of the 3D printer market. …

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Makerspace Development 06/01/15


Welcome to the first podcast of the summer. The purpose of this podcast series is to lay the ground work for this fall’s business development season. We will explore why makerspace development is the best way to help lesser industrialized communities survive. If this interests you? Stay tuned for future episodes on how to empower …

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Makerspace Development 02/18/15


Picking up where we left off after Presidents day by talking about the need for a long-term commitment to returning veterans. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask about makerspace development, you can drop us a note on the contact page at either or