Ensuring Makerspace Development is Pro-Growth

globalism-mindsetThere are a lot of very serious people who are confused by the term pro-growth as it relates to makerspace development. They fall back on late-19th and 20th century concepts of growth as a measure of factory size. When it comes to makerspace development, pro-growth has absolutely nothing to do with tearing out walls or super-sized equipment.

Pro-growth means a willingness to empower a larger creative class. It means helping members channel the creative energy that self-directed experimentation unleashes. This means providing a structure that gives the creative mind something to push against as it comes to realize its full potential.

Being pro-growth in the 21st century also means that you have to provide mobile-friendly access to creativity empowering activity. The mid-20th century saw the rise of the corporation and the “organization man.” And this sense of being simply a cog in a globalism machine continued through to the start of this new millennium.

The willingness to accept the globalism world view ended with the start of the Great Recession. Now, people understand that the only thing that they can rely on is their creativity and their network of friends and neighbors. Location may not matter because of always connected technologies. However, community still does and so does a makerspace’s ability to empower a larger creative class.

Zachary Alexander