Let’s hear it for Fashion Doers

According Nicole Giordano, Founder and CEO of Startup FASHION, you don’t need a million dollars to grow a successful fashion business. To paraphrase her, all you need do is be a doer. As a reader of this blog, you probably agree with this statement whole heatedly or you wouldn’t be reading it or listening to its podcast. However, even the most motivated doer could use more makerspace development in their region.

Makerspaces provide doers with access to the tools they need to start their collections. Makerspace development should provide emerging designers with a place where they can feel safe to take chances. This is what it means to empower a larger creative class. Creative energy will take a doer a long way. However, more makerspace development will provide them with sewing machines and flat knitting machines.

Even more important is that every designer that the makerspace empowers inspires five to ten more. Every older brother or sister that finds their way into the creative class provides a template for success to their younger brothers and sisters. Mentorship is great. However, there is nothing like watching success grow within your family. Nothing succeeds like success except for the success of a family member. Nicole’s right it really doesn’t take a million dollars.

Zachary Alexander