Living off Past Trade Liberalization

The biggest driver of makerspace development is without a doubt the lack of job creation after the Great Recession. You can’t turn on cable news without hearing about how the number of “good” jobs are not up to par or that economic participation is down. However, makerspace developers should consider recent comments of WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo when making the case for community support.

According to remarks made by Director-General Azevedo, “We are living off the liberalization of the past — we are living off the reforms negotiated by the last generation.”[1] For new makerspace developers, this why you are needed along with other community leaders recalibrate how economic development is done in America. Makerspaces development is the key to 21st century growth.

Until now, economic development has been governed by ideologies like Conservatism and Neo-Liberalism (i.e. Libertarianism in the US) with a little Populism thrown in for good measure. A lot of very serious people are starting to question the future of international trade since it no longer the engine of growth that it once was. And none of these ideologies are really conducive to garnering support for small business owner/operators.

This is important for makerspace developers because there is a new pro-growth strategy called Post-Globalism that is starting to emerge. Post-Globalism is a pro-growth strategy that is based on empowering a larger creative class not just maximizing financial returns. Moreover, Post-Globalism is based on the notion that maximizing the opportunities for participation in the United States Economy is the best course action for regular Americans.

Program developers like to ask a very simple question when they are evaluating the effectiveness of past decisions. That question is what’s different. It’s easy to talk about the need for techno-economic change and to put forth a strategy for implementing that strategy. However, when it is all said and done, you have ask what’s different. What can Americans see with their own eyes?

Many of the jobs that existed before the Great Recession will never return. Most because technology has changed the economics of doing the work. Others because the current workforce is cable of meeting the challenge. For the record, makerspace development represents the best way to meet the techno-economic challenges that lay ahead in 21st century. There are no other good solutions just opportunities for obfuscation.

Zachary Alexander

[1] Azevedo: Concerted effort by members needed to address WTO’s impasse