Makerspace Development 06/23/15


stock-bubbleToday’s Question: What’s the best insurance against a Chinese Stock Bubble?

China’s stock markets recorded their worst week since 2008. Now, it may be too early to know if last week’s events were merely a hiccup or sign of what’s yet to come.

It is simply worth noting that the major impacts of the Great of Recession took to a year to fully materialize.

What we know is that according to the Financial Times the Chinese markets are seeing world record turnover, which is twice the turnover that’s occurring in the United States.

By definition a stock bubble is the result of exploding volume, concurrent with significant daily turn over. You have to wonder how long progressives in Congress will stay focused on protecting jobs that have long since gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Instead of debating fast tract authority, progressives should be focusing on makerspace development.They should be holding out for more money for small business loans. They should working on a better micro-loans program.

Zachary Alexander