Makerspace Development 07/08/15


turn-pageToday’s Question: What are the lessons that can be learned from the Greek/Eurozone Debacle?

It’s reasonable to ask why cover the Greek financial crisis on a podcast about makerspace development?

The answer is that no matter where you live makerspace development is the best way to deal with a financial crisis.

The next question is what does this mean for the United States. The short answer is, that it’s as if no one learned anything from the Great Recession.

A better lesson may be that the international financial system is a lot like an antique locomotive. It can chug along for years without incident. However, without much warning it will on occasion blow up.

In the end, location still matters and beautiful places with low costs of living will win. This maybe the real lesson from the Greek/Eurozone Debacle.

Zachary Alexander