Makerspace Development 08/05/15


healthy-placesToday’s Question: Why do healthy places need makerspace development?

If everything is going well for your city or town why would you need to concern yourself with makerspace development?

According to the “Better Cities and Towns” website all your community needs are architecture and infrastructure to be truly healthy.

There’s nothing new here. What’s new is that people are increasingly viewing infrastructure as the most important of the two.

A similar case could be made for makerspace development as it relates to jobs. More specifically, jobs will come and go. However, new business infrastructure like makerspace development must be enduring and/or strategic.

Healthy places require opportunities. However, post-Globalism, you can’t take it for granted that the right opportunity will find you if your living in a healthy place. Now, you’ve got build your own opportunities from the ground up.

Zachary Alexander