Making a Long-Term commitment to Vets

To Service Members,

On behalf of the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment (SNICE), thank you for your service. Like all Americans on Veterans Day, we acknowledge the sacrifices you and yours have made to keep this country safe. We also bow our heads in remembrance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. And recognize the need for additional resources to combat the mental health challenges facing too many returning veterans.

As service members, you should know that there are those who are committed to helping ensure your long-term economic viability. It’s admirable to advocate the hiring of service members once they leave active duty. However, it is simply not enough because most jobs in the civilian sector only last two to three years. There are also numerous techno economic changes on the horizon that could reduce the average tenure of employees even more.

What’s needed is a long-term commitment to vets in the form of makerspace development. In general, makerspaces are like standalone high-tech machine shops that cater to  the creative class. Makerspace Development, on the other hand, represents an opportunity to move returning veterans and their families into the creative class. And joining the creative class is the only way to mitigate the feast or famine nature of modern economic cycles.

Makerspaces provide returning veterans and their families with near real-time learning environments that can be used to adjust to ever changing workforce requirements. Makerspace Development can replace the sense of purpose and camaraderie that’s often lost once the mission is over. In closing, know that there is a plan coming together to help you and yours thrive in this Post-Globalism world over the long-term.

Zachary Alexander