MD-31: Celebrating the changing manufacturing landscape


Happy-ManufacturingIn case you haven’t heard, October 2 has been designated “manufacturing day” nationally and in a number of states October has been designated “manufacturing month.”

Both manufacturing day and manufacturing month are intended to be an opportunity to celebrate the resurgence of manufacturing in America.

However, you can just as easily make the case that it makes more sense to celebrate the changing landscape of manufacturing.

You can even make the case for celebrating the impact of makerspace development in this changing landscape scenario? In this world view, there is no difference between the production of physical objects and digital objects because they both require Internet access.

Either way,  what we are really celebrating is a changing manufacturing landscape that is driven more by creative energy than capital. We are celebrating the American spirit and all that entails. The good, the bad, the ugly of our past and the beauty that the future promises.

Zachary Alexander

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