MD-33: The Next Mission is Makerspace Development


next-missionFor me, the hardest thing about leaving the military was leaving the mission behind.
I had one and only one underlying mission. It was keeping the communication up and running.

As veterans return home from Afghanistan and Iraq, they will also return to a life without a clearly defined mission. Many will awake each morning with a hole in their life which was once filled by the mission.

American needs a new a new symbol that embodies aspirational change. The image of some teenager toiling away on a million dollar idea in their basement is worn out given the current level of income inequality.

America needs an image of someone willing to put their lives on the line like veterans
rather than the ubiquitous image of a video playing teenager waiting for the innovation light to come on. This is the new mission.

This Veterans Day, America needs to make its returning veterans and their families the face of aspirational change, the face of makerspace development. Military families are the epitome of hard work and banding together as family unit to survive. Everyone knows that military families go to war not just service members.

Zachary Alexander

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