MD038: A Call for More Makerspace Development in 2016


call-to-actionWe would like to start 2016 with a call to action instead of a question.

America needs more makerspace development so we ask people like you to join our cause.

The business world is changing. The chronic lack of demand or deflation threatens to push economies around the world into recession.

More makerspace development will not only be game changing when viewed from the current business mindset or dominant logic. It will usher in an entirely new game called Creativity Dominant Logic.

Creativity Dominant Logic is a business mindset that starts with the assumption that creativity should be the primary element of value exchange. It’s no longer enough to simply be of service to your customer or to your community. Now you must provide value using your innate sense of creativity.

Creativity Dominant Logic provides a framework for synthesizing new value based on your unique creativity. Simply put, makerspace development plus Creativity Dominant Logic will forge a more resilient American workforce.

Zachary Alexander

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