MD040: MLK Day and the Need for Makerspace Development Advocacy

Help us build a thriving creative class
Help us build a thriving creative class

Happy MLK Day for those who celebrate it.

This is great time to remember the sacrifice of Dr. King and people like him. It is also a time to set a new course for America.

One that includes a path way into the creative class and fully utilizes makerspace development.

Now there are those who view MLK Day as a time for acknowledging what could have been. They speak of their shame for not staying the course and America’s short comings.

However, we believe it’s better to talk about the need for more makerspace development in minority communities. Twenty years ago, I saw what the introduction of science fairs did for the self-esteem of young people in the St. Louis Public Schools.

I saw teachers caught between a rock and a hard place because they needed to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. However, the students wanted learn about the stars.

Zachary Alexander

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