MD047: Adjusting Makerspace Development to Chatbot Economy


chatbot-econIt’s not uncommon for serious people to think that makerspaces development should only concerned with the production of physical objects.

The challenge for people who hold this belief is how you deal with the techno economic changes that arise from the emergence of a Chatbot Economy. A Chatbot Economy is the name given to the presumed impact that the development of Facebook’s Chatbot API will have on the software development industry.

This is just the kind of techno economic change that empowers a larger creative class if your makerspace development program is mission driven. It also suggests how makerspaces should adjust their makerspace development activities. was born of a mission to help empower a larger creative class. It moves to where the business world will be in the next five to seven years. It seeks to provide makerspace developers with the help they need regardless of how the maker movement evolves over time.

Zachary Alexander

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