MD055: Announcing the Launch of


pvsonow-launchThe discussions about how to use makerspace development to help returning veterans re-enter the business world have intensified significantly.

Almost all of the economic developers I’ve spoken to seem very interested helping returning veterans become entrepreneurs.

However, most haven’t considered the benefits of using makerspace development as a corner stone in their efforts. They seem more comfortable using traditional educational facilities.

This is why I have launched a new resource called This resource can be used to keep up with the development of a new class of veterans’ service organization called a PVSO.

A PVSO is a veterans’ service organization with a post-Globalism upgrade. For example, a traditional VSO that sponsors makerspace development in their community could be considered a PVSO.

If you would like to finish the mission by helping vets re-enter the business community after their service and the you’re in the US, text “pvsonow” to 44222 on your smart phone. Otherwise, Click Here to Finish the Mission

Zachary Alexander