MD058: Why Makerspace Development is a lot like Rural Electrification


mdadministrationRural electrification was the process of bringing electrical power to rural and isolated areas of the United States.

The REA or Rural Electrification Administration started in 1936. By 1942, 50% of farms had electricity. And by 1952, about 90% of farms had electricity. A similar effort is needed today to bring makerspace development to rural and isolated areas of the country.

Right now, there are small and middle-size companies in Germany that are working on things like self-driving combines, the kind that harvest things like corn.

These mittelstand companies have proven themselves to be world beaters. In fact, they even beat the Great Recession.

Other the hand, post-Globalization processes like makerspace development may be too much for even these giant killers.

It’s hard for citizens in rural and isolated communities to see the benefits of international trade when they feel that they have shut out of the US Economy through no fault of their own.

Zachary Alexander

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