MD072: Addressing Black Elephants with Makerspace Development


As you read about Black Elephants in Thomas Friedman’s new book, called “Thank you for being late,” you might be reminded of Martin Ford’s book, called “Rise of the Robots.”

According to Mr. Friedman, Black Elephants are “a cross between a ‘black swan’ and ‘the elephant in the room’.

Everyone knows that America needs more jobs. However, no one wants to talk about what it will take to accomplish this task.

At times like these, I’m personally inspired by people like Erik Leonard and Eric Adler, founding members of the Triple Cities Makerspace, in Binghamton, NY.

A couple of years ago, I asked Erik Leonard what he was most proud of about his makerspace and he said:

We are most proud of how much our members have put into the space, the countless long nights and weekend work sessions. Also, the amazing projects that have taken form at the space.

Now he says:

Yeah our members continue to make us proud, we’re more set up now so the members are able to work on their own projects, which is amazing.

You could easily make the case that this is where America’s future lies, with people like Erik Leonard and Eric Adler. America needs more community leaders willing to deal with the Black Elephant that is Jobs Growth.

Zachary Alexander

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