MD074: Big Shout Out to the Virginia Chamber about PVSONow


After speaking with Cyndi Miracle at the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation, it became abundantly clear that the Virginia Chamber of Commerce stands with America’s veterans.

She told me about monthly networking events to help service members transition back into the civilian workforce when their tour of duty is completed.

I talked with Cyndi about PVSONow and the campaign to make “work” a benefit of military service like home ownership.

We also discussed the need to develop new work-structures that provide all veterans with the benefits of work, even those who have been disabled by their military service.

Most vets become kinesthetic learners because that’s how the military teaches. And a PVSO would provide the same kind of experience to veterans and their families.

Zachary Alexander

PS: Text PVSONow to 44222, if you think your community needs to stand with returning veterans and their families. Otherwise, Click Here to Finish the Mission