MD076: Why Augmented Makerspaces are Game Changers


If you read the Fourth Transformation, you might feel like you have been transported back to the start of the social media era.

You could even make the case that the Fourth Transformation represents the start of commercial virtual reality.

For the purposes of makerspace development, we are going to concentrate on what you could call “augmented makerspaces.” For the record, I flirted with the concept of a mobile makerspace as a business model last summer when I was working on Makerspace Development 101.  But changed my mind.

Hence, the need to for an updated Makerspace Development 101 v2 and the lack of timely podcasts. You should see Makerspace Development 101 v2 later this summer.

As the CEO for Unity3d said at a conference recently, hardware manufacturers create opportunities. However, it’s active creatives like makerspace developers who create industries. So join us as we discuss the kind of industry we as the makerspace development community want going forward.

Zachary Alexander

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