MD077: New Twitter Hashtag #VetsForVR Launches


Launching a new Twitter hashtag like #VetsForVR is usually no big deal for most podcasts.

However, it is a very big deal at because we care about the mix of people who are engaged in our conversations.

VetsForVR is an initiative to grow this cadre of pioneering vets. Veterans will find it hard to climb out of a permanent under class if there aren’t other vets willing to give them a helping hand into VR/AR/MR jobs.

VetsForVR will identify new opportunities in the full range of VR/AR/MR activities. VetsForVR will also alert members to crossover opportunities for veterans in augmented makerspace development.

Zachary Alexander

PS: Text VetsForVR to 44222, if you want to help pave the way to a better future for vets in the VR/AR/MR industries. Otherwise Click here to help pioneer better futures for vets.