MD093: Comparing the Pioneering Cadre to Rangers


In this episode, we talk about who we should be as makerspace developers.

In Game of Thrones, John Snow wants to be a Ranger. He’s trained his entire life to master the skills necessary to survive north of the wall. He wants to be a Superman.

Unexpectedly, he is forced by necessity to be a teacher and hang out with librarians.

We as makerspace developers should be like teachers and librarians. In many cases, we will need to teach contingent workers the value of cooperation when it comes to surviving in the Gig Economy.

As members of the Pioneering Cadre, we don’t let our neighbors stand alone in the cold. We help them build new opportunities for themselves. And teach them the value of cooperation. We are teachers and librarians. We are makerspace developers.

Zachary Alexander

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