MD101: Welcome to the Retooling of


There is something about the end of summer that causes the creative juices to flow. Maybe it’s because of the back-to-school vibe in the air. I’m not sure what it is. If you know why projects that you have been working on all summer suddenly gain new clarity around Labor Day, drop me a line. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. was in need of some major retooling from a from a content perspective. We were simply trying to do too much. So, we are no longer going to cover what it takes to turn your hobby into a viable business on this podcast. Also, we aren’t going to talk about contingent workers or Workforce50/50.

Instead, we are going to spend more time talking about existing makerspaces and the things they are doing to make their communities’ proud. The goal is to provide new makerspace developers with practical insights into what it takes to create successful standalone makerspaces.

You can also expect more information for teachers and librarians. We’ve never spent as much time as it deserves talking about the needs of K-12 teachers and librarians. Specifically, the plan is to provide a one-stop shop for both K-12 and for that matter standalone makerspaces.

To further our efforts, has been enrolled in the Amazon Associates Program. You can expect to see a roll out of a new affiliate store in the near future. We will also be reaching out to K-12 teachers and librarians for their views on the best tips and project kits

This is something that I am personally very excited about doing.  In reviewing where we were after the 100th episode. It became clear that we weren’t doing enough to help teachers and librarians. So, the decision was made to move discussions about helping makerspace members who want to start their businesses over to

The geek in me loves the idea of spending a significant amount of time each week talking about makerspace tips and project kits. As you know better than I, the right project kit can make or break any visit to your makerspace. And they also can save teachers and librarians a lot of time.

Helping members choose the right project kit is beneficial for standalone makerspaces. The reason is that every standalone makerspace must deal with the weekend warrior mom or dad. The one who wants to teach their children the value of working with their hands.

Knowing that the member can find a kit that makes mom or dad a hero in the eyes of their kids is priceless. Being able to provide an ever-expanding selection of new project kits should be well worth the price of renewal. And a major reason for staying in touch with your makerspace community.

You should see the Mega Guide to Top Makerspaces come together fairly shortly. I have been collecting comments on the topic for years. Makerspace Tips and Project Kits may take a little longer because the outreach process has just started.

Zachary Alexander