New Options needed for Returning Veterans

Last week’s jobs numbers told the story of an American economy on the mend. It told of fewer people applying for unemployment. It even suggested that real wages in this country might be on the verge of rising. What it didn’t say is that most returning veterans tend to leave the military and go to work for the Federal Government. That’s the story that was told by the Economist magazine also on Friday.

This might not sound like a problem for those who aren’t engaged in makerspace development. However, for makerspace developers this is just one more example of why America needs more makerspace development. America has always had a problem with the fact that Americans fund the majority of basic research only to see people from other countries actually reap the economic rewards from that basic research.

Now the creative energy that returning veterans possess is being siphoned off by agencies in the Federal Government. Unfortunately, the can-do attitude that has powered so many missions and provided so much service to this country will be wasted in a contracting government bureaucracy.  This means that austerity and automation will dampen the economic future of those who have sacrificed so much over the last 15 years.

Zachary Alexander