Picking up the Pace on Makerspace Development

In many ways, the fundamentals of Post-Globalism America are very different than they were prior to the Great Recession. Before the Great Recession, too many Americans lived off the equity in their homes. Now, they must make their way using the strength of their creative drive. For the first in a long time, Americans will compete on a level playing field. That is assuming that they are willing to pick of the pace on makerspace development.

The next generation of Americans aren’t guaranteed a good life. They must work for it just like every generation before them. The only difference is that the United States Government at all levels has been unwilling to invest in new and emerging infrastructures. A lot of very serious people have become complacent when comes to staying update on market conditions. They assume that the American people will always have time to catch up.

Unfortunately, the fundamentals have changed Post-Globalism. There is less appetite for multilateral trade agreements. There is also more money floating around. In economic circles, this money is called hot money. The reason is because it can move in very rapidly to heat up a country’s economy and then just as rapidly cause a recession when it moves out. For the record, this is the trillions of dollars that politicians are talking about sitting on the sidelines.

Makerspace Development has also changed the fundamentals. It has reduced the cost of producing prototypes. That means more new industries can be bootstrapped faster than ever before. America’s trading partners seem to understand that makerspaces create a whole new game while our politicians see them as a kid’s space for playdates. You have the ability to lead the change that will ensure the fundamentals are always on our side.

Zachary Alexander