Preparing for the Summer Hiatus

on-hiatusAbout this time every year, most Americans start to think about summer vacations. Unfortunately post-Globalism, fewer and fewer Americans can actually afford to take vacations. The rest are stuck dealing with the summer hiatus. On the other hand, you can use this period as prime time for makerspace development.

In case you are a digital native, the summer hiatus is the time between May and September when the broadcast networks stop airing new programing from their major properties. Now, this may not mean a lot to you if you are a hard-core gamer. If you aren’t, the summer hiatus could provide a major opportunity to engage new constituencies.

As you know, makerspace development is really about building a robust strategic network. One that can deliver the needed creative energy to solve any strategic challenge. This could be anything from raising money for the building/equipment fund to city zoning issues to recruiting necessary volunteers.

What’s often missing from first time makerspace development efforts is diversity (e.g. diversity of thought, diversity of gender, diversity of race and ethnicity). As you can imagine, it’s the diversity of thought or lack of creativity that leads to most of the challenges for nascent makerspaces. Visionaries find a group of like-minded individuals and try to make go of it.

Makerspace Development is by its very nature multidisciplinary (i.e. diverse). For the record, this doesn’t mean committee based. It just means that people with different thought processes can derive energy from participation. Also, people with different values systems can complement each other and produce a very resilient community-based organization.

Zachary Alexander