Pushing the 3D Metal Color Barrier

Until know, 3D metal printing or selective laser sintering (SLS) has been limited to its natural mat finished aluminum. However, i.materialise has just announced that it is offering five new post-fabrication finishes. These new finishes constitute a pigmentation or impregnating process. They do not provide the same kind of multi-color options that are available when 3D printing in plastics.

For the record, i.materialise is not a makerspace. It is a 3D printing service much like the one being offered by Amazon and the 3D printing store. 3D printing services fabricate objects for third party clients. They do not provide the general public with access to their highly sophisticated 3D printers with only a minimum amount of training. Makerspace Developers will have to consider the impact of offering such a service to their members.

Zachary Alexander