Reducing the High Cost of Starting a Business

business-costsA lot very serious people worry about the fact that fewer and fewer businesses are started every year. Most talk about the need to reduce the impact of regulations that govern startups. On the other hand, community leaders may want to consider a solution that is a whole lot simpler than dealing with the politics of re-writing regulations.

For example, they may want to think about makerspace development. The reason is that there are fewer startups is much more likely associated with infrastructure costs rather than regulations. If startups can simply access tools and facilities when they need them then they can reduce their overall costs.

Being able to delay the purchase of high priced machinery until after the prototype phase is a huge cost savings. Supporters of makerspaces say that startups routinely save as much as 90 percent. So, community leaders have a choice. They can support more makerspace development or complain about the lack new startups.

Zachary Alexander