SNICE Tech Upgrade

This summer, members of the Strategic Network for Industry Cluster Empowerment (SNICE) were asked about makerspace development in their community. You can think of makerspace development as a community led effort to empower a larger creative class. In general, makerspace development is focused on establishing high-tech machine shops that are open to owner/operators throughout the community.

SNICE has always been an online group primarily associated with LinkedIn. In many ways, this has limited the kind of services that SNICE could offer. We should all be thankful for the opportunity that LinkedIn has provided us to collectively find our way. However, more is needed to recalibrate economic development so that it helps returning veterans and their families. Furthermore, lesser industrialized communities can use the help.

Members will now find that has a new blog called This new blog will carry stories about and the makerspace development community in general. also has new online meeting rooms that can be used to hold moderated discussions about what can done to recalibrate economic development so that it addresses the concerns of Post-Globalism America.

However, the most exciting additions will take place early next year. That’s when online registration will be added to the current online meeting rooms so that a more seamless webinar experience will be possible. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming SNICE Segments. New technology always takes time to implement and to fully workout all the bugs. Your patience is requested as we embark on the next chapter of

Zachary Alexander