What is alternative to Throwaway Culture?

No-ThrowawayTime magazine reported last weekend that Pope Francis decried the dangers of a “throwaway culture.” As a reader of this blog, you probably agree that in Post-Globalism America far too many people are at risk of being thrown away. On the other hand, suggesting that America should turn widely to the use of co-operatives as a means of spreading wealth is a non-starter.

This is not to say that co-operatives don’t have a role to play in places where the population densities are too small to attract makerspace development. However, the mere mention of co-ops in some regions of the country will produce catcalls about support for American socialism. Associating makerspace development too closely with co-ops could derail the whole movement.

You may want to consider support for empowering a larger creative class as an alternative to a growing “throw away culture.” Members of the creative class have developed a skill which they can use to either build value for their employers or for themselves. Also, very few Americans will argue with benefits of being self-sufficient or the value of entrepreneurship.

Zachary Alexander