What to expect from Makerspace Development

Like a lot of new projects, nothing is set in stone. Each new discovery or service has the potential to change the course of Makerspace Development (i.e. the blog). These new discoveries and/or services can lead to massive techno economic changes. It is because of the growing need to respond in near real-time that nothing can be ruled out. However, there are a couple categories that you expect to hear about in the near-term:

• Makerspace Developers
• K-12
• Military
• Post-Globalism
• Technologies

The Creatives category will help people who want to enter or are part of the creative class.
The K-12 category will discuss the development opportunity in the education market.
The Military category will be about helping military communities move into the creative class.
The Post-Globalism category will provide makerspace developers with a business context.
The Technology category will serve as peripheral vision for makerspace developers.

Zachary Alexander