Why bet the future on Makerspace Development?

There is absolutely no consensus in the press about where the future growth in the United States Economy will come from. There are some who still believe that America’s future is tied to the stock market. These people ignore the fact that large corporations have been laying off employees since the 1970’s. They don’t see the correlation between small payrolls and higher profits. However, this is the reality in Post-Globalism America.

While a lot of very serious people believe that the future belongs to those who are creative enough to make things happen. Unfortunately, most of these very serious people don’t have a clue what to do to help. They pay lip service to support for entrepreneurship. However, they don’t understand that entrepreneurship isn’t just about building successful companies. It’s also about the need to sell them in order recoup the investment.

The days of simply supporting tax cuts have also long gone. There is already too much “hot money” floating around looking for a home. Hot Money are funds looking for a good return on investment. They represent trillions of unproductive dollars sitting on the sidelines. For the most part, hot money travels the world heating up emerging economies then moving on to the next shiny object. As you can imagine, when hot money leaves recession ensues.

You are left with the question of where are you going to place your bets? Who’s going to help your community in the tough times? Not just in the relatively good ones. The answer most likely is your neighbors. The challenge is how you provide them with the tools they need to build out this new future. The answer is makerspace development. It’s not just a game changer. It’s an entirely new game, which is exactly what Post-Globalism America needs.

Zachary Alexander